Acrostic Beginning with the Letter F

Autumn : an alphabet acrostic by Steven Schnur, illustrated by Leslie Evans

From the window the
Rows of
Orange pumpkins
Seem clothed in
Thin white shawls.
There is a nice description of the book in the front matter on the copyright page.
Summary: Describes the autumn season, with its animals, rain, cold winds, and harvested food. When read vertically, the first letters of the lines of text spell related words arranged alphabetically from "acorn" to "zero."

I came across this book through the illustrations of Leslie Evans who had captivated me with illustrations to The Spice Alphabet Book by Jerry Pallotta where one of its charms is the clever use of insets. Here each page presents a moment from an ongoing action or process which bolsters the impact of the poetry of Steven Schnur. One parting example: "Gloves and coats hang / Under the stairs, some / Even lie upon the bed / So many friends have come / This cold and / Snowy Thanksgiving day."


And so for day 1520