Galloping Lope

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You be the person who sweeps
and I'll be the one who turns off
the lights at the end of the poem.
Nations used to center on individuals, then on collectives, and now nations organize around points in a power grid, centers on transaction. Of flux: nodes in a matrix, they follow pulses and search for energetic aggregates; my body nomads through cities, my body acts as a house for a worker; poems or nations startle, shift and settle.

from "Canada Post"
This is a sharp example of how one word leads to another by phonological lines of attraction. Here is one that leads to semantic explosion.
Don't scarf down your blueberry pancakes before tennis lessons or you'll get indigestion and make a horrible racket.

from "Skyscraperscrapers"
Brought to you by Jason Christie in his collection Canada Post

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