Earth Spell

The opening lines of "With the Earth of the Garden Still on Them"

My hands with the earth of the garden still on them,
dirt worked under the nails, into the creases of knuckle, palm,
life line, heart line. Sullen smell of diesel exhaust.
move from a horticultural activity ingrained into the very palmistry of the hand to stench that is of another organic chemistry that of hydrocarbons. This poet, she is an urban gardener attuned to diversity. See the anaphoric stroll down a street in "June Elegy" which takes in the views offered by various yards.
The yard that has room in its heart for
one rosebush.
The yard with slim yellow irises.
The yard with gravel.
The yard with the wrought-iron fence,
box hedge; the gate snapping shut.
The yard with columbine and columbine and columbine.
The yard with garbage cans.
The yard with tricycles.
With sunlight.
The yard with snow-in-summer, honey locust,
star-of-Bethlehem, periwinkle,
in bloom.
Rhea Tregebov (alive)

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