A comment on bourgeois realism?

If language is generated out of conventions, those conventions are simply tactics. They are methods of allowing a reproduction of the world. They do not cause problems. They are not material. They are naturalistic.
Bruce Andrews "Constitution / Writing, Politics, Language, The Body"
in Paradise & Method: Poetics & Praxis

What opens up for me here is a way of thinking not in terms of "allowing" reproduction but of "inducing" reproduction. And not only of the world as it is but as it might become.

As well, tactics call for strategies.
The political dimension of writing isn't just based on the idea of challenging specific problems or mobilizing specific groups to challenge specific problems; it's based on the notion of a systemic grasp — not of language described as a fixed system but of language as a kind of agenda or system of capabilities and uses.

"Total Equals What: Poetics & Praxis"
"And reception is by bodies" - a turn of the page again to reproduction in its expansive sense.

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