Carrying On Carrying On

Culled from Lisa Pasold A Bad Year for Journalists, a line that becomes stark in its isolation:

a genocide doesn't suddenly stop like a football game.
And poised here beside the recollection of the ending of Derek by Isaac Julien that fade into the white-painted brick wall with the voice over of Tilda Swinton about her friend and collaborator, Derek Jarman.
That the example you set us is as simple as a logo to sell a sports shoe; less chat, more action, less fiscal reports, more films, less paralysis, more process. Less deference. More dignity. Less money. More work. Less rules. More examples. Less dependence. More love.
Which are lines taken from a keynote speech given by Tilda Swinton at the Edinburgh International Film Festival, Saturday 17th August 2002 and published in Vertigo Volume 2, Issue 4 (Spring 2003).

Suffice it to say that that genocide (not being like football) line is not the end of Pasold's book nor the end of her books.

And so for day 1603