I came across this mash up i.e. poem while doing a search on a string of words for which I wanted more context and took a second look.

First the source texts:

Artist: Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan

Album: Shahbaaz

Track: Dhyahar-eh-ishq Meh

Draws on the poetry of Mohammed Iqbal … "If God has given you an understanding of nature, then from the silence of flowers create speech."

Track: Jewleh Lal

Thirteenth century Sufi master Lal Shahbaaz Qalandar

"Your name is a torch - let it set my heart on fire!"
And now the capturing poem — note the last three lines:
You Are

You are spoken of in every street,
And there is no other like you in the world,
Enraptured are the rivers,
As are the oceans,
Enraptured are the visible,
And the invisible,
Each moment is a rapture,
Your name is torch - let it set my heart on fire,
If you are the one,
Then from the silence of flowers create speech.

Jade Kaur
There is no biography for Jade Kaur and no indication that the final lines of this little lyric were cribbed from the liner notes to Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan's album. Clever stitchery. Inspires a bit of concentration to emphasize the apostrophe:
Torch, set my heart on fire
Raise speech from silent flowers.
Ravishment so sweet. As if through a green fuse

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