The Double U's Dot

What one loses in reading The Sad Phoenician in Robert Kroetsch's Completed Field Notes is the design by Glenn Goluska for Coach House Press.

What one misses is the erased alphabet that graces the cover, the title page and the section dividers. What one also misses if one looks closely is the truncation of the already partially erased W. It happens only on the cover:

There's a rhombic dot missing.

It's there on the title page
And there in the section divider.
It is so easy to miss because the W is indeed made of two Vs. The alphabetically-educated eye simply backtracks and constructs the missing letter.

Design-wise the incomplete erased W appears on the cover in this fashion to balance the layout. Smart somewhat imperceptible adjustment worthy of the typesetter's art.

And so for day 1751