Ecce Ecco

Look here!

I was intrigued by the "half" anaphora in these opening lines by Pier Giorgio Di Cicco.

Love breaks where no light shines,
this is the dark heaven;
the real thumbnail;
the rain of sadness
Just itching to re-imagine a fulsome anaphora
this is the dark heaven;
this is the real thumbnail;
this is the rain of sadness
But later in the poem I understand the appeal of the "half" anaphora for we come upon a "full" anaphora:
this song is made up of three terrors;
one is the terror of self;
one is the terror of others,
one is the terror of having loved and missed it;
For the life of me I can't follow the punctuation at the end of the lines. It seems as capricious as the terrors — half broken as love.

The unadulterated lines are from "Ecco" in The Tough Romance.

Ecce = Latin for "look"
Ecco = Italian for "here"

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