Trails of Structure and Tales of Self

First the indication of a long sweep in the reading:

The Stubborn Structure: Essays on Criticism and Society (London: Methuen, 1970). Fyre was rightly known for his long attention span and would not mind, I hope, that in shaping this quotation I have taken one sentence from page 3 of his book and the other from page 82.
Next the selection:
the knowledge of most worth, whatever it may be, is not something one has: it is something one is . . . The end of criticism and teaching, in any case, is not an aesthetic but an ethical and participating end: for it, ultimately, works of literature are not things to be contemplated but powers to be absorbed.
Robert Bringhurst. What Is Reading for? (Cary Graphic Arts Press: Rochester, New York).

And so for day 2114