Bivalve Lingualism

The sybil of unreadability outrun by f(r)iction...

From Picture Theory by Nicole Brossard

La fiction déjoue alors l'illysybilité, dans le sens où elle insinue toujours quelque chose de plus qui te force à imaginer, à dédoubler. A y revenir.
Translation proceeds by a series of condensations and displacements. There is always a surplus beyond.

Typo = coquille

Coquille: Imprimerie. Substitution d'une lettre à une autre, par erreur, dans la composition d'un texte. (Larousse)

Nicole Brossard
"La Matière harmonieuse"
Typhon Dru
translated by Caroline Bergvall
(Reality Street Editions, 1997)
tout n'est pas dit car je le sais, c'est absolument que j'aime dans les langues, les coquilles roses de sens

all isn't said, I do known, since it's absolutely that I love in tongues coral shells of meaning
That "coquilles roses" is for me a sensual image. See the last section of "La Matière harmonieuse"
à cette heure tardive où nommer est encore fonction de rêve et d'espoir, où la poésie sépare l'aube et les grands jets du jour, et que plusieurs fois des femmes s'en iront invisible et charnelles dans les récits

at this late hour where to name is still a function of the dream of the hope, where poetry splits daybreak from great gushes of daylight, and women will walk a number of times, invisible carnal into the storylines
Carnal. Consider. Cockle is both a bivalve and a flower that comes in pink

There is the children's rhyme.
Mary, Mary, quite contrary,
How does your garden grow?
With silver bells, and cockle shells,
And pretty maids all in a row
There is the common expression "warm the cockles of the heart." The cockles of the heart are its ventricles, from the Latin "cochleae cordis", from "cochlea" (snail), alluding to their shape.

Let's keep Bergvall's coral which translates as much by sound as by sense: pink cochlear coral.

Let's return to the plurality of "coquilles roses" and lend a carnal ear to the many surpluses.
pink cochlear choral senses
Translating as a shell game of listening.

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