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32.138 Fish'ing and the words in front of us
Re: 32.135 Fish'ing and the words in front of us


I know you as one to problematize "words". I too want to set aside for the time being the question as to what is a word.

I want to dwell on the plural : "words before us". Two plurals: one of the words; the other of the readers.

Not only are there words but also the relations between the words. And these relations between words would receive different weightings by different readers. I stress this for two reasons. One to underscore that the semiotic material (the words) is read through not only the syntax of one after the other but also through the web of relations. Two to underscore that readings are in flux as readerly attention fluctuates between various sets of relations.

Nothing yet of intention. Intention is merely the privileging of one set of possible relations. A result of weighting.

There have been responses that place the "us" before the "words" and call for supplementary material to explain textual matters. I love a good palindromic structure.

You will have noticed that I substituted "in front of" with "before" in a bid to introduce a temporal element. Time is ever at our back.
The interesting part here is the notion that intentions arise out of weighting possible relations. The other interesting part is a turn towards temporality. Points to the cumulative nature of reading.

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