Sugar, Sugar, Honey, Honey

A certain song rings in my head when I contemplate the over-consumption of sugar — how it sneaks in everywhere like an earworm. Useful to be reminded:

But while parents can say no, and theoretically so can children, I’m not sure a realistic solution to a flood is just reminding people to swim.


Over our past decade as nutrition guerillas, my wife and I have learned a great deal about ourselves and our community. Most importantly, we now understand that politicians’ short mandates and the food industry’s unwillingness to curtail its own sales, when coupled with the misguided belief that individuals can easily opt out of our pervasive junk food culture, smothers change. Indeed, like with any health-improvement program, change must begin with our own words and actions—by way of thoughtful nutrition and creative, often collaborative, solutions spreading from one home to another and then another and then to our schools, arenas, camps, and communities. We can work directly with the sugar pushers among us to change our sweetly toxic food culture.
"Candy Crushed"
The Walrus
Yoni Freedhoff

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