Alerted States

A notebook entry from 10/12/00 references some posting read on a discussion list:

Basically the old line that F2F [face-to-face] is better than online because [there are] more cues in the physical interaction that therefore can guide the social / pedagogical interaction. Of course information overload can occur with an abundance of cues. Tempted to retort that behind a desire to maintain the hegemony of F2F instruction is a "pedagogy of cruelty" — saturated semiosis . a desire for the cultivation of the heightened experience — a devouring [arrow pointing right] gives new meaning to the expression "carnal knowledge" [arrow pointing right] a devouring of the other — a demand that the moment of interpellation be matched by a moment of reciprocation [arrow pointing right] not all pedagogy, not all successful pedagogy depends upon a being there together — it's not a religious right rite or a moment of ecstatic fusion (not all sex is reciprocal and not all sex is orgasm-centred, BTW)

redolence versus salience

This now reads as an oddly baroque plea for minimalism or at least a place for some little bit of minimalism ...

And so for day 87

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