Sound layers

I've experienced Tomatis effects by which I mean the contribution that earphones can make in civilizing computer use, that is allow for two or triple sound layers to sculpt the immersive experience. You are invited to test or demo for yourself with reference to this passage from Pierre Sollier from an article about Dr. Alfred Tomatis (copyright 2001-2005):

Sounds that reach the ear are modulated by the middle ear. Some sounds are amplified, some are muffled into the background. The ear acts like a "gate-keeper". This gives us the ability to focus on what is important [...] Sounds that are captured by the bones go directly into the inner-ear, without passing through the middle ear, the gate keeper. So, background noise and the voice of the teacher are as loud, making it impossible to really focus.

It may not be possible to focus but it is possible to concentrate. One's own inner "silence" à la John Cage can be surrounded by an envelope of noise. Sound as barrier.

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