A friend sent a clipping in the mail of a Toronto Star article from the Endnotes section (Back stories, final thoughts, weird findings) D12 (Sunday, February 25, 2007). Christian Cotroneo's article on Donald Crowdis who at the age of 93 is writing about his approaching demise on a blog concludes with a consideration of habit

"Habit is such a thing. . ." he says, "She's not there. I don't expect her to come back. [She is is 92 years old and his wife and is in a nursing home. They have been married for some 70 years.] Am I used to it? No."

Are we ever used to every it?

Adrian Mackenzie in "Transduction: invention, innovation and collective life" writes

Technological change is consistently and emphatically represented in the form of new artefacts or objects, rather than practices, arrangements and ensembles.

Are we ever out of the practice of saying good bye and good bye?

"Practice" and being "used to": not the same. However when folded into living they approach each other: getting used to practice.

And so for day 78