Lines gleaned from Paul Monette's 1987 introduction to Love Alone, a collection of elegies in honour of his lover Roger Horowitz

if only a fragment remained in the future, to fade in the sulfurous rain, it would say how much I loved and how terrible was the calamity

we will not be bowed down or erased by this

pity us not

and then translated with a reading of "calumny" for "calamity"

si seulement la trace d'un geste parvient à évader l'érosion sous les pluies acides, elle indiquerait la grandeur de cet amour et la terrible calomnie ...

nous subirons ni abaissements ni suppressions

soyez sans pitié

Notice the migration of the theme of resistance and its inscription in a survival of suppression figured as an escape from erosion.

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