Danny Cockerline

Writing in Now, Gerald Hannon opens the obituary for Danny Cockerline (1960-1995) with extraordinary freshness.

With age comes innocence. That is why we need the succulent, corrupting young. That is why we have lost so much with the suicide on December 11 of Danny Cockerline. He was just 35 years old, and had about him still the blatant fearlessness the world misunderstands and calls corruption.
There is also on line somewhere a more nuanced appreciation by Chris Bearchell. She called him "Brilliant and reckless. Beautiful but insecure. Destined to provoke. Queer. But a queer queer; an outsider among outsiders. Danny was always ahead of his time in fashion, decor and politics." See the posting at wallnut.org http://www.walnet.org/97_walnut/danny_cockerline/c_bearchell.html

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