Reading Creases

On a piece of yellow orange paper there is a diagram of the elements of constructivist pedagogy: an isosceles triangle oriented along a vertical axis with the bottom vertices labelled "communication" and "collaboration" with the apex, "construction". An evident interpretation is to view construction as based in communication and collaboration, i.e. as the conditions for successful building.

Above this schema on the piece of paper are two lines that summarize anti-intellectual and anti-erotic positions:

It's too hard

It's too much fun

That the two attitudes are related to "construction" is likely since the paper is creased — truncating the triangle — and the fold tucks "collaboration" and "communication" to the underside leaving "construction" on the same side as the two lines. Makes one want to relate communication and collaboration to intellectual and erotic activities.

Uncreasing the paper and turn it over to the verso, one finds a listing that puts construction last after communication and collaboration, almost as if it were an outcome.


Amazing what can be extracted from a small piece of note paper, folded and preserved for meditation and seeing anew.

And so for day 265