Re-creased Readings

Place the entry from day 264 "Reading Creases" alongside the entry from day 265 "In the shadow of should" and scan the table mentioned at day 265...

and see if you cannot map construction onto technology, collaboration onto body and communication on mimesis

building the tool, tending to the body, managing substitutions

the potential recursiveness is eerily enchanting... for the reading can be further elaborated so that construction, collaboration and communication are as a repeated grouping connected to each of technology, mimesis and body.

To achieve such giddy structures and suggestive juxtapositions is in some respects being alert to metaphysical interpretations, alive to how words mesh with words to world create. It is however more akin to exercising the skill of memory: one can carry a shape a long time before remembering a shape that fits its boundaries and opens the mind.

And so for day 267