In the shadow of should

One of those notes followed by a list of nouns set in a table format.

the deontic considerations of permission and pleasure resonate with the application of mnemonic technologies . . .

and now the "table"

tech [arrow pointing right to] memory

aesth. response [arrow pointing right to] mimesis

perception [arrow pointing right to] middle term?

[and scribbled under "middle term" is a line and the word "body" so that "term" and "body" line up]

I am still not sure what I was striving at by positioning the body as a middle term between memory and mimesis but I do observe that the middle term comes after in the listing. Indeed there may be a syntagm in the ordering of memory, mimesis and body. It is mimesis that may be the middle term and if so then any one of the three can be the middle for the other two. The table can be redrawn as a triangle.

And so for day 266