Enigma & the Enigmatics

Signage. Alan Davies. "Private Enigma in the Opened Text"

This present writing defines those private enigmas with which the author sometimes pierces his text. These are distinct from, for example: the narratively enigmatic which, functioning, becomes through reappearance, a character or figure of the text; the metaphysically enigmatic which functions, deliberately, through our lives as we return to its imperative point of question; the enigmatics of dream which function, vehicularly, to let life ride itself; the grammatically enigmatic, which functions as a verbal irregularity, a non sequitur stunning us with what previously could not have been said; the enigmatic of any single text, which is obsessive in its function as the ground for all text and all enigma. Throughout this writing, the word "enigma" will refer to private enigmas, and not to the otherwise enigmatic which may frequently surround its appearance.
The contrast between private enigma and functional enigmatics seems to breakdown towards the end of the paragraph but it is only a semblance of a breakdown. The "enigmatic of any single text" is not the same as a "private enigma". The "private enigma" seems to haunt every item in the listing, shadowing obsessively like a vehicle question endlessly figuring.

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