Necklaces Neckless

Ceiling, we look up. Roof, we look down. Covering, either way. [in English]

Wait, wait a moment
for us to dry a moment
there's in our trace
a reckless lament
    and a ceramic bird ...
and watch for the necklaces on the ceiling
from "Wolves" in Ghassan Zaqtan Like a Straw Bird It Follows Me, and Other Poems translated by Fady Joudah.

As I watch for the necklaces on the ceiling I wonder if they lie flat defying gravity or if they dangle in filaments. And the very last line of the book ("Only the jasmine continued its climb, its eyes on the ceiling") takes me in another direction (in English) and makes be wonder if "ceiling" and "roof" are not covered by the same word in Arabic. Regardless I am at a loss for direction in a tumble of necklaces and jasmine.

And so for day 1109