On The Scent

Wickedly good.

If Earth Witch, rather than Earth Mother receives
the woman's wound offering — and there is no
protection against this — the woman becomes more
and more driven with a Need. A Need. ...
and sometimes leaves her family, her village and
roams the mountains, seeking Earth Witch.
She will take lovers and they might satisfy her flesh
but her spirit is always seeking
    Earth Witch does not intend to be cruel
    She does not enjoy your pain
    It is just ... how she is ...
    The opposite of Earth Mother ...
Frankly sensuous.
Womanscent and womansalt and womanslick flesh against my lips, and all the mysteries explained, all the secrets open and inviting me to enter.
Anne Cameron. Earth Witch.

What is admirable here is the yoking of quest with eros. In a woman-identified perspective. Scent, salt and slick take on an added resonance with the prefix woman coming from a woman-identified stance (the poetic voice is strongly female). And a good dose of outlaw imagery provides a note of spiciness.

And so for day 1107