Memory Rising

Mark Sinnett attentive to sensuality brings on layers memories. The child is never very far away from the appetites of the adult. Together they form a continuity that consumes the world with an avidity that results in acute observations. There is, for instance, an extended description of a partner making bread which culminates in the promise of an embrace imbued with aroma and attractiveness.

And when you do come up to me,
in the end, swinging your arms
in the room's air
with a rough semaphore
that says you want me
to be proud of you,
pushing around the smells
of yeast, of baking, stirring them
about you until they are over me
like a blanket
There follows a fine observation about a trace of flour in the hair at the top of the spine and the next segment brings the memory which carries the conceit further and interestingly balances plural (marmalades) and singular savours (the butter).
and I lie there in the gusts
of memory brought on by your sent —
before I loose myself
from your body, untie
the knots we made

and turn instead to the bright
bitter marmalades I grew up with;
the soft, warm butter.
"Late Riser" in The Landing.

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