Doing Things

Notes made on June 23, 2003, and now brought forward — a bringing forward, a thing we do with things.

Read a piece by Stevan Harnad "Categorization as Cognition" in which he lists five things we can do with things.

Seeing (Perceiving)
I wonder how such a typology could be made dynamic. The list can easily be shuffled. For example, in the hand written transcription that I had made earlier today I placed "manipulating" after "seeing". I can imagine manipulation in the mind's eye. Harnad's piece seems to imply an evolutionary path from sensation to language use. I think it may be off in terms of missing out on multimodal comparisons and in terms of the missing aspect of time — how before & after is accompanied by a during. I might even venture that we as humans are hard-wired for process-processing. [This is the remark that I find really interesting.] Worth revisiting Harnad's thoughts as a conversation by the four cardinal virtues.

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