Under Observation

he would wander the halls not sure if the humming he was producing was for himself or some audience he would find beyond the doors the doors at the end of the hall a pair of doors would swing outwards into the light of another hall another hall running perpendicular to the one along which his feet now shuffled

he felt as if he never would come to the T to the junction and yet the humming matched the white noise of the fluorescent and he knew yes he knew that there was "to bend the puppet" he had shuffled down the long fluorescent hum of hall to come upon that phrase just how does one bend a puppet it's not the puppet that bends it bows the bend is in the flick of wrist a hand puppet without strings a Punch and Judy show of precarious costuming constricting a subject self by the really only means possible in an act of objectification

Makeup: he wanted to have blue nails.


And so for day 1205