Miracle Mile Plus

Worth a field trip: Canoe Landing Park

Attractions conceived by Douglas Coupland: Tom Thomson's Canoe and the installations around the Terry Fox Miracle Mile which are erected as way-stations around the perimeter of the park. Photos mounted out of reach of would be vandals; photos of iconic items or moments in the life/run of Terry Fox function as reliquaries particularly the "Lucky Sock" worn and stained and described by the plaque at the foot of the installation. Searching for images of the Lucky Sock installation, I came across charmgirl13's Flickr album from winter 2010 which documents another of the the installations "Food Fight" that registers the teenage exuberance by displaying an impressive array of diner food that would have been ingested to fuel the run — burgers and such — (the image is almost an advertisement) and the accompanying plaque relates the stories of decorous food fights to relieve stress.

Words and images in public space... within a walkable round.

And so for day 1216