Never Mind Cabin Fever


In The Albertine Workout Anne Carson strings us along. In appendix 33 (a) there is an explanation of what purports to be the difference between metaphor and metonymy.

Since this question has arisen, here's the difference: in a group of children asked to respond to the word "hut," some said a small cabin, some said it burned down.
Which is retracted in appendix 33 (b)
Now that I give it a second thought, the difference between a small cabin and it burned down doesn't illuminate anything about metaphor and metonymy. It does however speak to the fragility of the adventure of thinking.
And in the very last of the appendices at the end of appendix 59, our author comments on a photograph of Proust and chauffeur Alfred Agostinelli and muses about what they may have been thinking while posing.
Or what the two of them talked about under their breath that day, as the photographer fiddled with his lenses and the cicadas sang in the hawthorn hedge and a summer afternoon at the farthest edge of human love extended itself before them into, apparently, eternity. Maybe they discussed a small cabin. Maybe it burned down.
So like the Recherche in a nutshell to carry over a little motif into different contexts and reward the memory.


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