A Laugh at Greed

The business pages of the newspaper are seldom spot to find humour, let alone an extended conceit conducive to much mirth.

John Heinz "Stars and Dogs" in Globe and Mail


Things that are hard to find 1) A needle in a haystack; 2) A happy baseball fan in Texas; 3) A sales associate who can actually help you at Wal-Mart. Citing the need to invest in higher employee wages, better training and improved e-commerce technology, the discount giant warned that profit in the next fiscal year will fall by 6 per cent to 12 per cent, sending the stock to its biggest one-day drop in 27 years. Investors are heading for the checkout lines.
There is a of course a hint of Schadenfreude at work here. Notwithstanding the relish of a comeuppance well-deserved there is to note the implicit message that well-paid and motivated employees build customer loyalty.

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