Good design and the economy of sharing.

Whitewall Magazine. "Jasper Morrison: The Minimalist"

WW:Why do you think design should be democratic?

JM:The best atmosphere and the most beauty can be found in everyday situations. I’m not at all interested in the idea of luxury. The idea of enjoying something that excludes others is terrible, isn’t it? I think luxury was invented for people with no better way of enjoying life than feeling superior to others. As a teenager I was traveling on a train one day, somewhere in France or Italy, and an old man got out his lunch and offered me a glass of wine and a piece of bread and cheese. That’s the kind of spirit design should offer, not conversation pieces for the dining table.
Celebrating the quotidian and the shareable. Yet there is a tinge of romanticization here that is a little off-putting. Cork in the wine?

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