In the Grove of Delta Grooves

"Poor" Phil Hall in Conjugation

It begins with a metamorphosis

 Scared   words   jump
over   fly up   scat sing   Ovid

doe → dove
With an explanation midway
 above a fence   a doe
its hoof's aim   a beak   v

And the spell expands by reaching back to Greek (and the symbol for change)
flourish   by   and in   these latticed   guilds
 these tiny   Δ   splitting-wedges   Δ   sung

no way it's over
And we find an intertext.
Phoenecian dalet — door

“two women in a birth” out of Daphne Marlatt & Betsy Warland Double Negative
(as the women have always sung) this body my
(d)welling place, unearthed.
liminal (door) transformation (delta) — well placed dee

And so for day 1705