Sweet Tooth Multiplied

What struck me in this emergence of an orisha was the plural "sweet teeth". It lends a fierceness to the goddess of love.

women of honey harmonies offer
alfalfa wild flower buckwheat and clover
to feed Oshun who has sweet teeth
and is pleased to accept their gift
Harryette Mullen. Muse & Drudge collected in Recyclopedia.

Craving. Appetite. And a glorious sense of possession.

Mullen explains her project thus:
When I wrote Muse & Drudge, I imagined a chorus of women singing verses that are sad and hilarious at the same time. Among the voices are Sappho, the lyric poet, and Sapphire, an iconic black woman who refuses to be silenced. Diane Rayor had translated surviving fragments of Sappho's ancient Greek poetry into an American idiom that sound to my ear like a woman singing the blues. So Muse & Drudge, in a sense, is a crossroads where the blues intersects with the tradition of lyric poetry, as well as a text for collaborative reading and on occasion to unite audiences often divided by racial and cultural differences.
There are many types of sweet teeth as there are of honey — clover buckwheat wild flower and alfalfa

In a country far away someone else was musing differently on fierceness and love through an envocation of Oshun through the voice of a top
Orange seeds, I'll spit five your way.
The rind is mine.
O-rages for Oshun (12/4/92)

Like a back beat, Other teeth in Muse & Drudge
those cloudy days I'd fly
from the icy airport
while you tried to breathe life
into your bucktoothed scarecrow

a thing of shreds and patches
hideous scarecrow she
puts teeth in any nightmare
of the man who sleeps with matches
And so for day 1699