Victim Blaming and Suspension of Beliefs

From "Privilege of Unknowing: Diderot's The Nun" in Tendencies by Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick

A simple response to this worry would be that the deglobalizing, the pluralizing of the idea of innocence/ignorance, that we are trying to effect here, should also if it were consistently understood result in a disassembly of the fascination with reified innocence/ignorance as the main ground for claiming injury, especially sexual injury. […] In fact, it might well strengthen our ability to define and hence to combat such injury if we could understand it in some way that separated it entirely from the issue of initiation, of the violation of a supposed originary non-knowledge, non-desire, non-individuation that can perhaps be shown in every case already to have been breached.
Brings to mind a line of poetry from Phil Hall
skepticism inefficient as a rose
"Variorum" The Little Seamstress

Beware of thorns. Handle with Care. No simple response.

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