Beneath Context

I really want to shorten and heighten the breadth to which this insight reaches:

Spring doesn't begin on the surface; it comes from below.
But that would slight its place, its rootedness to a specific time.

In the documentary Rivers and Tides, sculptor Andy Goldsworthy describes working with bracken whose stalks go black underground during the winter.
I think we misread the landscape when we think of it as being pastoral or pretty. There is a darker side to that. I think at this time when spring is beginning that it doesn’t begin on the surface, it begins below, so this idea of finding evidence of that heat within the ground, in a way is my way of understanding what is going on at the moment. And even though these are stalks from last year’s plants and will not grow again this year they are still connected to that root system underneath the ground and the idea that what happened last year is being repeated this year and it’s going to come through this.
Rivers and Tides: Andy Goldsworthy Working With Time, 2001, directed by Thomas Reidelsheimer.

It begins below: but where does it end?

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