Just What the Doctor Ordered

The small promo movie that comes on the CD informs us that

the album is about bringing everyone to a room of poisons and remedies.
My favourite track and how I got introduced to the work of Carl Hancock Rux is "Eleven More Days" and its chorus
Eleven more days in the city
Eleven more miles to roam
Eleven more prayers of pity
Eleven more stops to home
The album: APOTHECARY RX (2004)

What I found astounding is that the beginning sounds like the fade out from another song urging us to "walk this way".
On "Eleven More Days," the contrast of generations, religions, races, and social statures is played out on subway platforms, playgrounds, apartment stoops, prisons, and in the streets. While Rux iterates the terrain and circumstances in his landscape, a stunning gospel refrain sung by a chorus of female voices emphasizes the place of intersection, the place of hope, the place of loss, and even deliverance while contrasting contrapuntal synthetic rhythms slip around basslines and indeterminate sounds.


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