Blurb Encounters

On the back of the chapbook and framed by a double line rectangle are the following words

Starting with the premise "There are two kinds of people," Susan Holbrook drives supermarket existentialism through its own vortex and gives it a nifty orgasmic twist into hyperspace. Here's a ping pong game you'll never forget — where the tables keep flipping and players' ironic bats spin the banal into deadly mischievous curves.
Susan Holbrook. Good Egg Bad Seed. (Vancouver: Nomados, 2004)

Between the premise and the expression falls the signifier. Holbrook's opening line leaves room (unstated) for more than two types of people: "There are people who only cry in private and people who only cry in public." It is easy to imagine types that do neither or both. There are two kinds but not only two kinds.

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