Accroche-toi à ton rêve

150 stories | 150 récits

Office of the Lieutenant Governor of Ontario

It's a collection of vignettes and thought pieces with French and English side by side.

From the conclusion of the text by Janice Stein recounting an encounter on the Toronto subway:

Just then the subway lurched, stopped and the lights went out. The young man began to tremble; he told me that when he finds himself in a confined dark space, he returns to the cellar he hid in when Aleppo was bombed. I reached out to hold his hand and reassured him that he was now in Toronto. He grabbed my hand and held tight — to Toronto. À ce moment-là, la voiture a tangué, s'est arrêtée et nous avons été plongés dans le noir. Le jeune homme a commencé à trembler. Il m'a raconté que lorsqu'il se retrouve dans un lieu sombre et confiné cela le ramène dans la cave où il se cachait pendant les bombardements à Alep. Je lui ai tendu la main et l'ai rassuré, lui disant qu'il était bien à Toronto. Il m'a pris la main, la serrant bien fort, jusqu'à Toronto
Double take on my part. That last bit in French back translates "all the way to Toronto" which of course is nonsensical since the actants are already in Toronto. The English is obviously metaphorical in its reach — it's about connecting with the people and the place of Toronto. Lost in translation. "Il m'a pris la main, la serrant bien fort; s'accrochant à Toronto."

The translation is attributed to Laroque Linguistic Services Inc.

One wishes that they had been able to channel the lyrics to the Electronic Light Orchestra "Hold on Tight" with its importation of French — Hold on tight to your dream.

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