Fiddlehead Farrago

Other titles in the series are Touch Will Tell and Walk With Your Eyes. The one that interests me is Listen to a Shape. It seems to harken more to the synesthetic experience. All are with words and images by Marcia Brown.

Listen to a Shape positions its opening under the sign of a curled fern frond or fiddlehead. It promises to bring to fruition the metaphorical import of roundness.

ROUND curls up
       on itself.
Round things
       bring you back
       to where they
And faithfully the book ends with an illustration of unfurled fronds.

Round objects also fly you around the world in this age of searchable clip art.

There's a restaurant in Nanaimo. It's called the Fiddlehead Bistro and I have here borrowed its logo with a horizontal flip.

Almost like a Japanese crest. Trace of an artist who has truly listened to shape.

And so for day 1964