Name Recognition

From "Sofa Rhyme" F.R. Scott in The Eye of the Needle

Egg, ego, id.
Genes, janes, johns.
Homo, hetero, pansy,
Hurtling down to Kinsey.

Oedipus, Priapus,
Sade … and Masochism …
Deeper, deeper, Canada !
Santa Claus ! Brock Chisholm !
And who you may wonder is Brock Chisholm and what is his relation to Santa Claus? He's a denier.
He received many awards and honours and also his share of criticism for his attacks on superstitions, myths and methods of indoctrinating children. His attack on teaching children to believe in Santa Claus received national comment.
From the Canadian Encyclopedia entry

Scott here stands in the great tradition of Alexander Pope whose The Dunciad immortalized names that might otherwise be forgotten.

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