Composition in Contraries

Plank versus bridge. Some thoughts.

D'après Miss Moore Going Over

To throw before some way
what is a gang plank to a
bridge? Not just the
appropriate tool at
the appropriate place.
A bridge is full of
particulate plurals.
A bridge of stone, steel
or wood, is still a
construction constitution of parts
in the memory of imagination
it is as
a single entity    the
span resides. The
plank — no matter
how much in actuality
it may be riveted
of pieces — stands alone
at an angle, like a

And now years later I turn to Marianne Moore and quote some lines from "Granite and Steel". "way out; way in; romantic passageway / first seen by the eye of the mind / then by the eye. O steel! O stone!"

And so for day 1978