A visual two colour note that partakes of the margins.

In blue there is a reference to Linda Hutcheon drawing upon the work of Peter Dews (likely Logics of Disintegration: Post-Structuralist Thought and the Claims of Critical Theory) to discuss Lyotard's notion of grasping which of course is at the centre in red:
Language may not seem
to grasp the a world
but to push it away
create a distance from
which the analytic
may operate
Retained from the blue around the rim: one type of postmodern —> as prointellectual + proerotic therefore see it operating as above —> —> these two act as brakes to the grand récits [identified] by Lyotard        Spirit is grounded (space) in flesh + emancipation (time)      widened to continual struggle.

And so for day 1983