Liminal Ball Tossing

Oana Avasilichioaei

As suiting a book about margins and perimeters, the book begins with a poem called "Bound" which itself begins with an apostrophe to "Border" which I misread as beginning "Border, you tenderly."

Border, you terrify. Border, you must dictate your own dismantling or we will perish. Purge. Border, are you listening? Are you empire?
Just why I remember the opening line as tender is perhaps attributable to the erotic charge of some of the stanzas and perhaps also related to the figure of the child in conjunction with the sonorities and semantics of sound's traveling: "We wanted to theorize the voice, give it credence in the angle of an article." [Here I detect traces of Nicole Brossard in the wish to theorize and of Gertrude Stein in the emphasis on the little word or article — it may just be me and the borders I have visited.]

"And the child grasps the wall of sound can and will become language."

And so for day 1968