A Story that Sticks

Sometimes email brings one the most marvellous of anecdotes.

Like this one in a message announcing a show at the Yumart Gallery

"Stuck" isn't in the exhibition. It's gone. I was having a difficult time in my studio; the floor was littered with scraps and cuttings but nothing came together. I decided to go home and on the streetcar I crossed my legs, looking out the window for even a shadow of inspiration. A young woman across from me looked at the sole of my shoe and laughed and pointed. I took off my shoe and looked at the sole: four small random scraps of sticky cuttings had arranged themselves in an interesting pattern around a small torn magazine image of Donald Trump. The word "Ick" covered most of his mouth; an eyeball was embedded in his bouffant; a torn newspaper headline about murder was underneath it all. I disembarked from the streetcar in the rain and walked carefully to preserve "Stuck". But it had disintegrated by the time I reached the studio. I had a good day, then.
Lee Lamothe, Toronto-based photomontage artist.

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