The Emergency of Breath

Finding that guilt is not a useful emotion, I learnt a long while ago to live by the mantra "No Blame No Shame" (or vice versa) as I neither wanted to be the cause of either in people I encountered nor carry either within myself. Imagine my delight in the listing offered in a poem by Roy Miki which rhymed in a very opposite direction signalling rantings that need to yield.

"No pain no gain." "No sin no grin." "No blame
no fame." The social goods are stacked. All bets
were off track as the announcer waived his voice
fee to expose his goods. You or i only wish the
rantings that blanket the public airwaves of
displeasure would yield the emergency of breath.
From Scoping (Also Pronounced Shopping) in Kits
in Open Text: Canadian Poetry and Poetics in the 21st Century Vol. 2 edited by Roger Farr (North Vancouver: CUE, 2009).

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