Four Skills

Remarks to Humanist stemming from a course about online learning

Namely a "translation" of the four literacy skills [reading, writing, speaking, listening] into four multimedia skills (i.e. more than applicable to verbal arts). I've manage to rename them thus:
  • reading parsing (attentive to breaks & groupings)
  • writing scripting (writing as a score for performance)
  • listening observing (careful looking too)
  • speaking performing (evident bit to storytellers)
Evidently there is a theatrical model at work here.


the course participants who somehow got me to discussing the four language arts during a discussion of Andy Lippman's definition of interactivity and how it is built out of contrasting conversation with lecture. Interactivity modelled principally as interruptible conversation may not sufficiently value certain skills such as listening. Of course most of the Lippman material has come to me through a single source (Stewart Brand's The Media Lab) so there is a bit more research to do here or a least some caution in any further write up of these cognitive explorations.
parsing - reading
scripting - writing
observing - listening
performing - speaking

interesting typology that holds up well

And so for day 1793