Trading Marks

From Editing Canadian English 2nd Edition


Many publishers prefer to substitute generic terms for trademarks when the context allows:
soft drink or cola for Coca-Cola
jeans for Levi's
plastic wrap for Saran Wrap
photocopy for Xerox
The Canadian Press Stylebook lists many generic equivalents as well as number of former trademarks that are now unprotected and in the public domain. These include escalator, nylon, and raisin bran. The CPS (Compendium of Pharmaceuticals and Specialties) lists generic as well as brand names for drugs.

The owner of a mark uses ® [®] if the mark is registered, or ™ [™] if it is unregistered, to indicate its intention to defend the mark. No one else is required to use these symbols.
Product placement takes on new meaning.

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