Dual Duels

Would that English have a nice dual that was not first person plural which collapses the difference of the two (or more) into a collective identity. Even if there were a lexical means for referencing a dual, the verb inflexions are, well, inflexible. Just how does a dual conjugate? Some evolution of a conflation of singular and plural verb forms? isare dancedance Reduplication does nicely. Pidjin savy. gogo eateat laughlaugh

Spend time in a space.
Pronouns are invitiations to spend time in a space. A language’s set of pronouns tells much about the subjectivties it may be ready to entertain. Even more telling is the relation between the set of pronouns and the verbal inflections.

So where do the subjectivities whose time is not ...

So what dimension do the subjectivites with other temporalities occupy?

The point • first person
The line --- second person
The angle > third person

The dual.

And so for day 1290