Lessons in Diversity

A little Hassidic Tale, a little knotwork.

p. 146

Learn from All

They asked Rabbi Mikhal: "In the Sayings of the Fathers we read: 'Who is wise?' He who learns from all men, as it is said, 'From all my teachers I have gotten understanding.' Then why does it not say: 'He who learns from every teacher'?"

Rabbi Mikhal explained: "The master who pronounced these words is intent on having it clear that we can learn not only from those whose occupation is to teach, but from every man. Even from one who is ignorant, or from one who is wicked, you can gain understanding as to how to conduct your life."
Martin Buber Tales of the Hasidim: The Early Masters trans. Olga Marx (New York: Schocken Books, 1947)
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some threads tangle in tassels, others form the weft
I also am very fond of saying "connect sometimes by disentangling" to describe some of the analytical work that goes into assisting a client.

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