nathalie stephens (Nathanaël).

Mirror. Book. Page. Turn.
If by chance we speak to mirrors, it is perhaps less for narcissistic reasons than out of a desire for dead time separating us from the battering voices we carry. I turn the page of a book and entire civilization harasses me. If I must accuse myself, I can only do so by drawing you with me into my minds' maze where I love of a love worthy of misanthropy.
Turn. Page. Book. Mirror.
Absence Where As (Claude Cahun and the Unopened Book) p.48

Have I here a transcription error "entire civilization harasses me" for civilizations in the plural or a dropped article for an entire civilization? Or are we true to the mirroring text? The maze one will note is the possession of a collective of minds. A trip to the library seems to be in order ... to check out page 48 and any minor mirror errors.

And so for day 1285