Parsing Transcriptions

"Last Day" Timothy Liu in Say Goodnight

Empty vases left in every room
of the house. Those backyard bulbs
releasing a company of spears —
each tulip's guarded flame
a color only the gardener knows.
A company of spears / guarded flame. Praetorian images come to mind thanks to the lineation.

"The tree looks like a dog barking at heaven" is my rendition in compliance with the tradition of one sentence haiku. I went looking on line and found much variation in the lineation of various transcriptions of the Jack Kerouac poem as recited in the suite "American Haikus" and recorded on the album Blues and Haikus.
The tree looks. Like a dog. Barking at Heaven.

The tree looks like a dog, barking at heaven

The tree looks
- like a dog
Barking at Heaven

The tree looks like a dog/ barking at heaven.

The tree
looks like a dog,
barking at heaven.

( this centred version transcribed by Miray Nair )
Like different spears each providing a sport. Each marks what was heard at a given moment through a different ear. Empty vases to be filled. Whose flowers only knowing readers can imagine.

And so for day 1269